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#57 Brad Lorge - Co-Founder of Premonition

November 30, 2023 Brad Lorge Season 1 Episode 57
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#57 Brad Lorge - Co-Founder of Premonition
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Premonition was an AI driven logistics company that helped couriers orchestrate their drivers and deliveries in the most efficient manner. In 2022, one of Australia’s largest startups - Shippit, acquired Premonition for $20.5 million.

Throughout the episode, Brad explains how logistics makes up 20-30% of man-made emissions and by making the space more efficient, Premonition and Shippit are having a big impact on climate. Also, Brad mentions the importance of articulating a clear vision to build value based teams and how that leads to success.

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Brad Lorge Background and Introduction
What was Brad Lorge's Main Motivation to Sell Premonition to Shippit
Was Brad Lorge Always Entrepreneurial
How to Delegate People to Match Your Weaknesses
Brad Lorge's Biggest Strengths and How They Help Him Succeed
The Most Difficult Aspect of Articulating Business Vision
Brad Lorge's Biggest Weaknesses and How He Overcomes Them
The Best Advice Brad Lorge Received and How it Helped Him Succeed
Brad Lorge's Biggest Business Inspirations
Brad Lorge's Favourite Business Booka
Brad Lorge's Favourite Quotes
What's Next for Brad Lorge and Premonition