The Dion Guagliardo Podcast

#54 Dorry Kordahi - Founder of DKM Blue & Swanky Socks

October 26, 2023 Dorry Kordahi Season 1 Episode 54
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#54 Dorry Kordahi - Founder of DKM Blue & Swanky Socks
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In this episode, I interview Dorry Kordahi, founder of DKM Blue, Swanky Socks and the former owner of Illawarra Hawks Basketball team. DKM Blue, Dorry’s main business, specialises in the development and delivery of promotional merchandise, corporate uniforms and PPE. Starting in 2002, Dorry has grown the company to now be generating tens of millions in annual revenue.

Throughout the episode, Dorry talks about how the importance of being a firm but fair leader to inspire trust and assurance from your team during tough times. Dorry also talks about his basketball career and how he’s applied many of the skills he learned on the court to the business world. 

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Highlight Clip
Guest Background and Introduction
Did Dorry Kordahi Always Want to Be An Entrepreneur
The Similarities and Differences Between Sports and Business
Dorry Kordahi's Biggest Strength as a Leader
The Best Decision that Dorry Kordahi has Made in Business
Has Working With China Become More Difficult Over Time as Geopolitical Tensions Rise?
The Biggest Challenge that Dorry Kordahi has Faced When Building DKM Blue
How Influential Was Dorry's Upbringing to His Success
Similarities Between Running Basketball Teams Sydney Kings and Hawks to Business
Why Common Sense is Uncommon
Biggest Business Inspiration and How They Motivate to Him Succeed
Dorry Kordahi's Favourite Business Books that Contributed to his Success
Dorry Kordahi's Favourite Quote and Philosophies That He Lives By
What's Next for Dorry Kordahi and DKM Blue