The Dion Guagliardo Podcast

#53 Doug Fitch - Co-Founder of Agworld

October 17, 2023 Doug Fitch Season 1 Episode 53
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#53 Doug Fitch - Co-Founder of Agworld
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Agworld is an agriculture technology startup that creates data management tools to help farmers and agronomists work more efficiently. Founded in 2009, Doug and his co-founders grew the business and eventually sold in 2021 for $100 million.

Throughout the episode, Doug talks about the importance of staying the course of your business and persisting even when times are tough. He also emphasises the importance of being people focused and how building a strong culture leads to a more effective team. 

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Highlight Clip
Doug Fitch Introduction
How Doug Fitch got AgWorld's First Customers
What was the Hardest Part About Growth
How VC Helped AgWorld Scale to Be One of Australia's Largest AgTech Startups
How Doug Fitch Sold AgWorld for 100m+
How AgWorld has Changed From Doug's Original Vision
What Doug Fitch Enjoyed the Most Out of Building AgWOrld
Doug Fitch's Background Before Business
Doug Fitch's Biggest Strength and How it Led to AgWorld's Success
The Key Suprise That Doug Fitch Had When Building AgWorld
The Difficulty of Managing Multiple Stakeholder's Expectations
The Best Decision that Doug Fitch Made While Working on AgWorld
An Example of Where Doug's Business Coaching Payed Off
The Biggest Challenge that Doug Fitch Faced and How He Overcame It
The Best Advice Doug Fitch Has Ever Been Given and How It's Helped Him Succeed
Doug Fitches Business Inspirations
The Best Business Books that Doug Fitch has Ever Read
Doug Fitch's Favourite Quotes on Business, Leadership and Life
What's Next for Doug Fitch and AgWorld