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#50 Paul Miller - Founding Partner at Deutsch Miller

September 14, 2023 Paul Miller Season 1 Episode 50
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#50 Paul Miller - Founding Partner at Deutsch Miller
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Deutsch Miller is one of the top boutique legal firms in Australia specialising in corporate law and dispute resolution. After moving across the world from London, Paul recalls how he started the business from scratch and his journey along the way.

Throughout the episode, Paul talks about the importance of networking and relationship management as you never know where potential work and opportunities arise from. Further, he explains the importance to strike a balance between your business, family and life in general to not get burnt out and prosper in the long term.

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Highlight Clip
Paul Miller Background
How Moving Across the World Changed Paul Miller's Career
The Size of Deutsch Miller
The Biggest Learning Curve From Being a Lawyer to Being a Business Owner
How Did Your Leadership Skills Change from a Lawyer to a Business Owner
Paul Miller's Biggest Strength as a Business Leader
Paul Miller's Greatest Weakness as a Leader and How He Overcomes It
Best Business Decisions That Paul Miller Made to Be Successful
How Long Did it Take To Realise Starting the Business Was the Right Decision
The Most Important Thing to Get Right When Exiting a Business and Common Mistakes
The Best Advice that Paul Miller has Ever Received and How It Led to the Success of His Firm
How do You Maintain a Strong Culture and Avoid Toxicity
Paul Miller's Top Business Inspirations and How They Inspire Him To Succeed
Favourite Business Books
Paul Miller's Favourite Quotes That He Lives By
What's Next for Deutsch Miller and Paul Miller