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#49 Bruce Mackenzie - Founder of Humanforce

September 07, 2023 Bruce Mackenzie Season 1 Episode 49
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#49 Bruce Mackenzie - Founder of Humanforce
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In this episode, I interview Bruce Mackenzie, founder of Humanforce. Humanforce is a workforce management software company which has been recently acquired for $60 million. Humanforce specifically targets the “standing-workforce”, making software products to help manage shift and roster driven workers such as retail and hospitality staff. 

Founded in 2002 after the dotcom bubble, Bruce talks about how he bootstrapped the business for 17 years and grew it from just himself to nearly 200 employees. Throughout the episode, Bruce explains that even though market conditions aren’t perfect, now is one of the best times to be an entrepreneur and how he’s navigating the market to start a new project. 

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Bruce Mackenzie Background and Introduction
Was Bruce Mackenzie Always Entrepreneurial?
What Humanforce Actually Does
The Pressure of Working with Huge Clients and How to Manage that Pressure
Bruce Mackenzie's Biggest Strength In Business
Why Now is a Great Time to be an Entrepreneur
Bruce Mackenzies Biggest Weakness
The Best Decision that Bruce Mackenzie Made with Humanforce
How Difficult Was it to Exit Humanforce
How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Humanforce and the Workforce more Generally
The Best Advice that Bruce Mackenzie has Ever Received
Bruce Mackenzie Biggest Inspirations and How they Motivate Him to Succeed
Bruce Mackenzie's Favourite Business Books and How They Helped Him Build Humanforce
Bruce Mackenzie's Favourite Quotes that He Lives By
What's Next for Bruce Mackenzie