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#48 David Robinson - Co-Founder of Internet 2.0

August 25, 2023 David Robinson Season 1 Episode 48
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#48 David Robinson - Co-Founder of Internet 2.0
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Internet 2.0 is one of Australia’s leading cybersecurity companies and is now worth $50 million. Founded in 2018, the company has gone on to make various cybersecurity products including Malcore which made headlines for exposing exactly how much data social media companies take from us. Spoiler alert, TikTok was over double the amount compared to the others.

Being an ex-officer, David explains the differences between being in the military vs being an entrepreneur and the skills that cross over into each field. David also emphasises the importance of committing 100% to your business even when circumstances are dire in order to succeed. 

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Highlight Clip
Guest Background and Introduction
What David Robinson's Internet 2.0 Does - In Simple Terms
Why David Robinson Chose Cybersecurity As His Business
How COVID and the Russia Invasion Impacted Hacking
Biggest Learning Curve David Robinson Faced at Internet 2.0
The Point that David Robinson Knew He Was On The Right Track with David Robinson
How David Robinson has Managed the Fast Growth of Internet 2.0
How David Robinson Plans on Getting Internet 2.0 to $10 Million Annual Revenue
The Type of Customers that Internet 2.0 Work With
Does the Social Media Reports that Internet 2.0 Create Lead to Policy Change
The Advice David Robinson Would Give to Someone Starting a Business
How Important Was Bringing Investors in for the Business
David Robinson's Business Inspirations and How They Motivate Him To Succeedz
The Benefits of Having a Military Background in the Business World
The Best Business Book That David Robinson From Internet 2.0 has Ever Read
What's Next for David Robinson and Internet 2.0