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#46 Sam Wood - Founder of 28

August 03, 2023 Sam Wood Season 1 Episode 46
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#46 Sam Wood - Founder of 28
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28 is an online fitness platform and community that provides workouts that anyone can do in under 28 minutes. Founded in 2016, Sam has grown the platform to help over 500,000 people stay fit and has recently sold the company for $71 million. 

Throughout the episode, Sam explains the importance of building a strong team to offset your weaknesses is essential to high-speed growth. He goes on to recall how in the beginning, he was overcontrolling in the business and how having trust in your employees is crucial as it empowers your team and will lead to greater success.

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Sam Wood's Business Journey and Early Days
Sam Wood's First Business and What He Learnt From It
The Flaw in Sam Wood's First Business and Why It Didn't Work Out
How the Bachelor Changed Sam Wood's Life
The Beginning of 28 and How the Bachelor Helped It
Why 28 Decided to Merge with myDNA
The Biggest Challenge Sam Wood Faced Building 28 and What it Taught Him
At What Point Did Sam Wood Need to Delegate Tasks and Build a Team Around Him
What Sam Wood Would Do Differently if He Had to Start 28 From Scratch
Sam Wood's Biggest Strength and How It Helps Him Succeed with 28
The Balance Between Listening to Data and Your Personal Knowledge of the Customer
How Sam Wood has Built and Engaged His Strong Community with 28
The Best Advice that Sam Wood has Ever Received and How It Helped Lead 28 to Success z
The Flaw of Being Over Controlling and How Sam Wood Overcame It
Sam Wood's Biggest Business Inspirations and Why he Looks up to Them
Quotes that Sam Wood Lives By and Applies to 28
What's Next for 28 and Sam Wood in the Next 5-10 Years