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#43 Stu Laundy - Laundy Hotel Group

July 12, 2023 Stu Laundy Season 1 Episode 43
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#43 Stu Laundy - Laundy Hotel Group
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Stu is a third-generation publican of his family business that now owns around 90 venues and is worth an estimated 1.4bn dollars.

Throughout the episode, Stu talks about how consumer behaviour has changed over time, the strategy of acquiring venues and words of wisdom from his friends and mentors such as Gerry Harvey. Stu also discusses the benefits and challenges of working in a family business.

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Highlight Clip
Guest Background and Introduction
Was Stu Laundy Always Going to Join the Family Business?
Stu Laundy's Early Days at the Family Business and Why He Didn't Like Operations
The Laundy Family's Strategy of Business Acquisition
Stu Laundy's Biggest Strength in Business and How it Helps Him Succeed
How Technology and Consumer Behaviour has Changed Over Time
The Advice That Led the Laundy Family to Success
Stu Laundy's Biggest Business Inspirations and What He Learns From Each
What's Next for Laundy Hotels and the Family