The Dion Guagliardo Podcast

#41 Mark Woodland - Founder of Xplor & Kismet

June 22, 2023 Mark Woodland Season 1 Episode 41
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#41 Mark Woodland - Founder of Xplor & Kismet
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Working as a receptionist at his Mum’s business, Mark quickly became frustrated at the repetitive processes and boldly claimed “How hard could it be to build software”. Since then, Mark started and grew his childcare software company Xplor to a substantial 100 million dollar valuation.

Only two weeks after “retiring”, Mark founded his second company Kismet - a healthcare service provider platform aiming to make healthcare more accessible. Throughout the episode, Mark talks about the importance of growing as a founder alongside your business and the necessity for culture building from day one. 

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Guest Background and Introduction
Why Mark Kismet Started Another Company 2 Weeks After Retiring
The Biggest Differences that Mark Woodland has Noticed as a Second Time Founder
How Mark Woodland has Changed has a Successful Leader Over Time
Mark Woodland's Biggest Strength and How It's Helped Him Grow Two Successful Businesses
How Mark Woodland First Met AirTree and The Funny First Meeting with Daniel Petre
Why Mark Woodland Thinks that he's Dumb and Why that Provides the Resiliance that is Needed in Business
How Mark Woodland knew it was the Right Time to Sell Xplor
Mark Woodland's Biggest Mistake in Business and What he Learnt From it
The Advice that led Mark Woodland to Building Two Successful Businesses
Mark Woodland's Favourite Business Inspirations and How They Inspire Him to Succeed
The Best Business Book that Mark Woodland has Ever Read