The Dion Guagliardo Podcast

#40 Tom Amos - Co-founder of Sidekicker

June 01, 2023 Dion Guagliardo Season 1 Episode 40
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#40 Tom Amos - Co-founder of Sidekicker
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Sidekicker is Australia’s largest online staffing platform that is re-inventing casual and temporary work for businesses and workers. Founded in 2012, Tom and his co-founder Jacqui have grown the company to now have 130 employees and raise $43m to date including Seek as a major investor.

Throughout the episode, Tom explains the importance of not getting too overjoyed on wins and too down on losses but rather keeping a level head throughout business. He also goes on to explain how Australia’s fundraising landscape has changed over the last 10 years.

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Highlight Clip
Why Tom Amos decided to go into business and why he started Sidekicker
What Tom Amos Would Do if he Could Start SideKicker From Scratch
What it was like for Tom Amos and his First Time Raising Funds for Sidekicker
Was Business Always the Path for Tom Amos?
How Much Did Raising Capital Impact the Growth of Sidekicker
The Difficulty of Building a Two-Sided Marketplace and How Sidekicker Solves the Chicken-Egg Problem
Tom Amos Struggle with Finding the Balance of Being a Founder and Allowing People to Take Control
Tom Amos' Biggest Strength and how it helps him succeed when running Sidekicker
The advice that led Tom Amos to make Sidekicker successful
How COVID Impacted Sidekicker and how Tom Amos Overcame the Difficulties
The Main Priority in Business During Tough Times
Tom Amos’s biggest business inspiration
Tom Amos’s favourite books
Tom Amos’s favourite quote on business, leadership and life
What’s next for Tom Amos and the future of Sidekicker