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#56 Ben Hurst - Founder of HotDoc

November 21, 2023 Ben Hurst Season 1 Episode 56
The Dion Guagliardo Podcast
#56 Ben Hurst - Founder of HotDoc
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HotDoc is Australia’s largest platform that connects doctors to patients. Patients can easily book appointments with their favourite clinics while doctors can easily manage their patients. Founded in 2012, Ben has grown the business to now have 11 million patients and 20,000 doctors on the platform.

Throughout the episode, Ben talks about how staying within the niche of GPs has allowed them to become the highest quality service in the country - rather than spreading too thin. Also, Ben explains how he’s managed growing from a few people to now over 100 employees as a leader. 

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Highlight Clip
Ben Hurst Background and Introduction
The Chicken Egg Problem Ben Hurst Faced Building the Market Place of HotDoc
How Ben Hursts Domain Knowledge Contributed to the Success of HotDoc
How the Space has Changed Over Time
How Storytelling was More Important than Features Building to Growing HotDoc
How HotDoc's Business Model Started and How It Evolved into a SAS Business
When Ben Hurst Realised that HotDoc Was Going to Be Big
How Working with Larger Companies Forced HotDoc to Evolve
Was Ben Hurst Always Entrepreneurial?
How HotDoc Found the VC Process
How Ben Hurst Met His Co-Founders
The Process of Adjusting from a Small Team to Over 100 Employees
Ben Hursts Biggest Strength in HotDoc
Why Ben Hurst Dedicated his Career to Supporting Doctors
The Best Advice Ben Hurst has ever Received
The Best Decision Ben Hurst Ever Made for HotDoc
The Time Period Between Meeting Co-Founders and Going All In
The People that Inspire Ben Hurst to Succeed with HotDoc
Ben Hurst's Favourite Business Books
Ben Hursts Favourite Quotes
What's Next for HotDoc